South Park! Ugly Americans! Wednesday night! Comedy Central!

6 Oct
Ugly Americans

Ugly Americans

For those of you who haven’t gone to bed on the west coast, or are getting up or soon will on the east coast, a quick post.

Didn’t LOVE any of the 4 Animation Domination shows on Sunday (Simpsons, Cleveland Show, American Dad, and Family Guy) as I usually do – they had a few laughs but not great. I could’ve just been in a mood too.

However, this week was just the premiere of American Dad, last week’s episodes of all the rest of those shows were winners, in my book! So I suppose we’ll see what the season has in store for us.

New Metalocalypse on adult swim was pretty fantastic, as usual.

Any way you slice it though, tonight (Wednesday!) is new South Park and Ugly Americans on Comedy Central! Don’t miss those! I know I won’t.

More updates to come – thanks so much for reading.


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