Bob’s Burgers, Animation Domination, Comedy Central, etc.

19 Dec

Looks to be a great Animation Domination tonight! THREE Simpsons, then Cleveland Show, and ONE HOUR Family Guy? Yes, please!

Bob's Burgers

Bob's Burgers

I’m personally looking forward to Bob’s Burgers, which premieres on Sunday, January 9th.

Anything with Jon H. Benjamin in it is usually a win in my book.

And of course, it’s being made by Loren Bouchard (of Home Movies fame!) Wow.

Also looking forward to new Comedy Central episodes of South Park/Ugly Americans/Futurama.

Lately I’ve been active over at the adult swim comedy forums and the Toonzone boards too – just riffing on my favorite weird adult swim shows and reminiscing about 90s favorites – Animaniacs, Eek! the Cat, Tiny Toons, etc.

And of course, I’m always tweeting over at our Twitter account, gaining more followers every day – and I thank all of you for all the support!

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