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Futurama : New, Old, Brave, Bold

2 Sep

FuturamaI’m loving these new Futurama episodes.

With a rare miss here or there, they’re much better than the 4 extra-long 4-episode movies, and some of the new stuff is really gold.

I was a Futurama fan from when it first came out.

I saw the first episode on TV, when it aired on FOX (after The Simpsons one Sunday if I remember correctly), and ever since, I’ve been a huge fan, since it’s a universe where anything can (and always does) happen.

I’ve loved The Simpsons for years too, but Futurama has so much more width and breadth, it can say things The Simpsons can’t – especially with the new episodes revolving around evolution, ancient astronaut theory, and as always, cloning and robotics.

The season finale airs tomorrow night, and I’m looking forward to seeing Fry mutated much worse than Leela, and whatever else the awesome writers have in store for us.

So thrilled the series was brought back from the dead, by the FANS, as Matt Groening himself pointed out.

Here’s to Futurama, hopefully many more years!

See Futurama on Comedy Central on Thursday nights – here is the Comedy Central Futurama site.