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SUPERJAIL, and new premieres for 2011!

11 Apr

In a much needed new post here — the new episodes of Superjail have been amazing! One just tonight – they’re on at midnight on Sundays on adult swim.

New episodes of Archer I’ve seen are great too, in addition to the Animation Domination – what I believe was a new American Dad/Simpsons/Bobs Burgers, Family Guy and Cleveland Show tonight.

What a great night for animation!

Also on the horizon are new episodes of South Park at the end of April here, new Aqua Teen May 8th, and new Squidbillies September 11th.

All in all, a great bunch of cartoons and animation lately.

Much more to come soon – I should be guest writing on another cartoon blog or two.

Lastly, check out my collection of cartoon-related vinyl Kid Robot toys!

Lenny, Nibbler and Morbo and Carl and Early.

Cool, huh?